Our Core Purpose


To bless the lives of others, one person at a time, through the work we share.


Here at ID Plates, our core purpose is blessing the lives of one person at a time through the work we share. We do this through our work in adding value to metal—something we've been mastering since 1959. Our core values, listed below, are the foundation of what we do as a company and how we work with our internal teams, suppliers, vendors and customers.

We Value Our Customers.

A customer is the most important person in our business. The customer deserves the most courteous attention we can give him. He pays our salaries, and without him we’d have nothing.

We Value Our Team, and Teamwork Itself.

Good teammates are humble, hungry, and smart. We know our areas of expertise, but stay hungry for ways to do even better. We demonstrate trust, honesty, and integrity. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say—we can count on each other. We say “thank you a lot.” We apologize when we need to. We forgive each other, and help each other up. We put the team goals first so the team can win—even if it means a personal sacrifice.

We Value Character.

Character is about how we show up. We bring our whole selves to work, so we know our virtues and attitudes matter. We show up each day ready to work hard. We are steadfast—that means we are patient-- we don’t freak out. We show pride in our work by being confident in what we do, and we get joy and pleasure from doing it well. We are also open-minded, curious, and thankful. We have two ears, and one mouth. We are solutions-oriented always ready to listen and learn. We blend humility and confidence. We are the kind of people that make our coworkers glad we came to work today.

We Value Stewardship.

All these values rest firmly on the foundation that we are privileged to be entrusted with so much. A steward is somebody who takes care of something that does not belong to him. Each of us is a steward: from the owners to the newest temp. In Bible stories stewards are sometimes asked to take risks towards growth and improvement, and sometimes asked to play it safe. But in all cases, stewards are mindful to take good care of resources. When we conserve, we do it to free up resources for others. When we are generous, it’s because we are planting seeds we will harvest for others. We are lucky here at ID Plates to have many resources: a building to work in, tools to use, concrete to park on, paints to apply, and boxes to fill. Of all the resources we have, the most precious is each other: customers, vendors--and us. And with these resources, we are always generous as we share patience, attention, and respect for the people who cross our path each day.